Corona-virus changes

During the pandemic, I will be invoicing for all remote help rather than my usual practice of adding it to my next visit.

I am not making house calls except when absolutely essential.

Whatever the problem, please phone on the landline in the first instance (it may be sometime before I notice SMS or email messages and even longer before I see facebook, skype or such messages). If I can help remotely that will be the first choice.

If your PC needs hands on work here, the following procedure is being used:

  • A specific time is arranged for you to drop off the PC.
  • With your PC please include your name, address, phone numbers (preferably including landline), PASSWORD to access PC, email address and a description of the problem as well as any other pertinent facts (e.g. dropped it, poured coffee on it, installed x, y & z).
  • You should leave the PC by the door and step back after ringing the bell.
  • I will bring in the PC and leave it for at least 10 hours before I work on it.
  • Before collection, I will invoice Payment should be made by BACS or (if not available) by a cheque made out the PC Dr Dave Ltd.
  • Collection will be done in a similar manner to delivery.

Thanks for your understanding.