We have experience in very many aspects of computing so it’s likely we can help whatever your problem.  Here are a few services that we offer. Just click on the item below to view more information:

Need help getting to grips with your new laptop, phone or tablet ? Lizzie will start from the very basics and train you on a one to one basis with a single session or course tailored just for you. If you need more advanced training, Dave can also help. Training can be done at your home, office or here (away from all the distractions).

Need a special program to do calculations ? Does your business have special needs ? We can source or produce the right software for you at a reasonable rate.

It may be that we have already done something similar for another customer in which case a reduced rate will apply.

Please talk to us about your needs and we will give a fixed price quote and time estimate.

We have created an integrated database for a small business initially for our own use but having sold it to a Water Softener Company it has been enhanced widely at their request.  It has also been sold to others including a plumber, an electrician, a ‘man with a van’. You can benefit too. Click here to take a look at our demo.

If you have a defective laptop or desktop computer, we can obtain and fit new components.

Jobs that have been undertaken in the past include card installation, new disk drives, new CD/DVD drives, replacing motherboards, power supplies, adding memory, laptop screens, repair of laptop power connection and the cleaning of a laptop after coffee was spilt over keyboard !

We can setup your printer, scanner, webcam, sound system, link to your TomTom or mobile phone or whatever it is you wish to connect. In short if it can be replaced we’ve probably done it before.

Having trouble with your wireless network reaching all parts of the house or office? Need to connect a Smart TV or wireless printer? We’ve done it before so can save you a lot of frustration.

May be you want to share files and printers between computers ? We can set that up for you.

We will also make sure the wireless network is secure (this is essential if you don’t want your identity stolen).

Not only will we advise you on the choice of provider (and it is a minefield so beware those hidden charges) but we can also install it and make sure everything is running smoothly.

If you have issues with children having unrestricted access we can show you how to control this.

If you have had a virus or been scammed before you will know just what a nightmare it can be.   We can help you choose the right anti-virus product (and some are free) and install it for you. We can advise you on the best lines of defence or if you are infected already, we’ll sort things out and give you back a clean PC.   Here’s some words on the subject of Anti-virus.

We offer a fixed price virus removal service with a 2 week guarantee period. Our aim is to return your PC within 48 hours. This service is only from base and not at your site as scans can take several hours.

We can also advise on other security issues such as internet banking and how to protect any confidential data. Did you know for example that a high percentage of trojans (a type of virus) target Internet explorer and that you do not need to use this ? You may wish to restrict the sites that others have access to and we can help with that too. For businesses there are different security issues. Why not let us advise you in a business consultation?

This website serves as an example of what we can do ! We can demonstrate other web sites that we have built but you might like to look at our sister site ‘Marlborough Websites‘.

Dave produced his first web page in 1987 when HTML was written with a text editor. Although modern tools can speed the job up, having a thorough understanding means that very efficient pages can be produced.   Dave is expert in WordPress, mySQL, PHP CSS & Javascript as well as HTML.

Performance issues
If your computer is running slowly, but it used to be fine, there are many things that we can do to speed it up again. In some cases it may even go faster than it did when you bought it! In some cases this requires the fitting of additional parts but we can sometimes offer refurbished items at very low rates.
Still using email through your web browser ? Want to download multiple e-mail addresses ? Need help with organising your zillions of e-mail messages ? Beseiged by spam ? We can help.
Analysis of business needs to improve efficiency
You might be surprised to know that Dave is an experienced Business Analyst and has worked for major banks in this capacity. He is more than qualified to advise you efficient methods of doing business, especially how to get the most out of your computers and can advise you on security issues for your business.