Please take a look at what some of our customers took time to say because they were so pleased with the service.   You can also see further comments on our facebook and linked in pages.

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– I have found his work exemplary, I recommend his prompt and reliable cost effective service.

My wife and I have lived in the Pewsey area for some 19 years. We both have laptops and use them continually for very different reasons. Looking for help 5 years ago, we were recommended to use the services of PC Doctor Dave and we have relied upon him to deal with all the problems experienced since then. No problem has been too large or too small for him. The issues have varied from speeding up the operations, making connections with wireless hardware, getting and installing the correct software – getting rid of the wrong software – and to the repair of broken parts. He has always been professional, understandable, timely, courteous and cost effective. We would recommend Dave’s services to other PC users unconditionally and without question.

Your speedy and efficient way of installing my broadband and upgrade of computer software has been a great plus for me and my business, also your price was very good and I would recommend you to any one who asks me.

I’m typing this email from my refurbished, debugged, refreshed, faster, quieter and as-new computer! From the computer’s point of view it must be like spending time at a health farm, returning home revitalised and full of enthusiasm.

Seriously this is my most vital business tool and from the dreaded blue screen of death, followed by my various failed attempts at resuscitation, I effectively now have a new computer. It is no real hardship that you are a few miles away and the efficiency of your operation is a credit to you; to have it back from the Doctor’s within a few hours is an amazing achievement.

Many thanks Dave and I will make sure my friends and colleagues are made aware of your excellent service.

We had two laptops go down hours within each other, one had uni coursework on, Dave had this repaired the next day, the other he needed parts for but a couple of days later was up and running faster than ever both at a reasonable price. Many thanks.

with my newly cleaned and tuned-up laptop, its amazing, everything works so much better.

I am very happy with the new browser, its lovely not having all sorts of rubbish popping up all the time and best of all, no blue screen. Thank you Dave.

and putting in terrific new programs, and in double-quick time too. Not only did you vastly increase the memory capacity on it, you have made it so much quicker and really efficient. I can’t believe I’m sitting here and the computer’s flying, it’s so much faster than I ever remember it being!

This will help us both send emails out so much more efficiently, ‘surf the ‘web, watch dvds (WOW!) and actually enjoy being on the computer. Before you helped transform it from a cranky old cow to a sleek gazelle, we’d spent so many hours of frustration waiting for the darn thing to start up and not kick us out. The days of constantly seeing the ominous signal flag up “your virtual memory is low” is now a thing of the past……

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you, Dave. We will heartily recommend you to everyone we know and wish you all the very best.

Quick, efficient, friendly, and very reasonable prices, we are delighted, thank you.

A word on PC’s! After many years of frustration and aggravation and lots of money, at last a computer man who really does deliver. Through sheer desperation and after huge problems with a so called custom made machine, I contacted Dr Dave, whose number I found by chance.

Not only did he respond promptly but he was efficient, extremely reasonable and more over very understanding and patient. He was just brilliant.

With great professionalism he unclogged the PC, reformatted and updated it, sorted our broadband and wireless issues and gave the laptop a look over for good measure.

I shall not be visiting anyone else for any PC issues and have already started recommending him to others. Our sincerest thanks

With over 30 PCs and 3 staff at the PACT centre, who can do most things with a PC we are able to solve most computer issues ourselves. However, there have been occasions when we are completely stumped and have called in PC Doctor Dave for assistance. Dave has always responded promptly and sorted out the problems in a quick and professional manner.

As we are unable to provide technical support for home computers ourselves we have no hesitation in recommending PC Doctor Dave to anyone who asks for such a service.

in getting back to me, the information you give me and the good price on mending my PC. I will definitely use you again.

– much faster than it has been for ages – thank you very much.

The laptop is running much quicker and the network is absolutely seamless.

You can be sure I will recommend you to anyone who asks.

I was very impressed by his work.

The site was completed very quickly and Dave focused in on the important decisions re the set up rather than bamboozling me with technical language. His service was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend him as a no-nonsense, easy to understand and knowledgeable IT man.

PC Dr Dave responded quickly (same evening) was fast and efficient and most importantly removed all of the IT infections.

Really great value for money. I recommend PC Dr Dave to anyone.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank PC Doctor Dave for the prompt and excellent service in bringing my computer back to working order, the finished work has been much appreciated.

I would not hesitate to recommend PC Doctor Dave to anyone.

For no apparent reason my external hard drive suddenly ceased to work immediately making it impossible for me to access many files – that I had not backed up.

This included years of digital photos and critically, the first 6 months photos and videos of my first child – irreplaceable. The drive manufacturer did not offer any repair service and indeed, was extremely unhelpful.

PC Doctor Dave was a breath of fresh air, quickly diagnosing the problem with the faulty drive before carefully and efficiently working to get the essential data off it and backing it up to a replacement external hard drive.

I now know a reliable and competent IT professional whom I would not hesitate to call upon should I experience further IT problems and whom I would be pleased to recommend.

Dave recently resolved the performance problems that I was having with my home computer network.

He is quick, efficient and reliable, and I would definitely call on his services again!

I’d reached the end of my IT knowledge for installing some software at home. All instructions and help desks told me it was a one step job but that step didn’t take account of my particular system and I was getting nowhere. Dr Dave saw through the problem and got me up and running.

He also left fail safe instructions for repeating the installation if I ever needed to.

Thank you so much for fixing our Gateway Laptop. You cleared all the corrupt files and the conflicts with the Security software in no time at all.

It’s now working better than ever – and all for a reasonable price too! Thanks again.