Virus removal

If you have had a virus or been scammed before you will know just what a nightmare it can be.   We can help you choose the right anti-virus product (and some are free) and install it for you. We can advise you on the best lines of defence or if you are infected already, we’ll sort things out and give you back a clean PC.

We offer a fixed price virus removal service with a 2 week guarantee period. Our aim is to return your PC within 48 hours. This service is only from base and not at your site as scans can take several hours.

We can also advise on other security issues such as internet banking and how to protect any confidential data. Did you know for example that a high percentage of trojans (a type of virus) target Internet explorer and that you do not need to use this ? You may wish to restrict the sites that others have access to and we can help with that too. For businesses there are different security issues. Why not let us advise you in a business consultation?